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StrongKey solutions deliver Strong Authentication (PKI and/or FIDO), Encryption, Tokenization, Key Management and Digital Signatures to enable data authenticity, confidentiality and integrity at the application layer. This secure technology ensures data breaches are extraordinarily difficult even if the network is compromised!

StrongKey makes this possible by delivering hardware-based security that is scalable, comprehensive and open-source.

It has been  supporting mission-critical environments within Fintech, Enterprise, Manufacturing and eCommerce industries helping companies comply with data security regulations for over 2 decades.

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Omnivor delivers Immersive Holographic Experiences, connecting your customers to your brand with real life experiences. Omnivor provides a turn-key solution for capturing, building, hosting, compressing and streaming 3D holographic videos to virtually any device.

Omnivor offers live Holographic Telepresence broadcast for C-Suite, Training, Motivational talks, Celebrity interactions with fans, all with transformative technology that gives viewers total control of the viewpoint, and engaging audiences in an immersive and meaningful way.


TrustKey Solutions introduces TrustKey Login. TrustKey Login is a passwordless solution for organisations who are on on-prem Active Directory and looking for ways to alleviate the password hassles. Installing TrustKey Login installs Windows launch screen and TrustKey Login Manager. They work in conjunction with TrustKey FIDO server and FIDO security keys (G310H and G320H are compatible with TrustKey Login) to provide strong and convenient authentication for the users.